1/60 Pg Strike Freedom Gundam

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※LED用電池LR41 2個が別途必要となります。


● Ultimate `Strike Freedom Gundam` started with Refine by Mr. Katoki Hajime!
● PG largest scale feeling In the super-dragoon deployment state which is the maximum feature, it is the largest size in the history of PG.
● Dedicated base for displaying Strike Freedom Gundam is included By using an exclusive angle-adjustable base, you can use dynamic action poses Display is possible.
● Three major points for reproducing the strongest "Strike Freedom Gundam" !! The internal skeleton exposed in high mat mode and full burst mode is extra finish It emits golden glow by processing, and it also features a gimmick that brings out its charm

· "Super Dragoon Injection Expanding Gimmick" When Super Dragoon is slid, each mechanism is linked to Super Dragoon Deploy to the injection position.
· "Completely new movable internal skeleton" The golden part expands due to joint movement. An exterior incorporating a slide mechanism PG Strike Gundam further evolved from the internal skeleton, was extra finish processed The golden part is effectively exposed.
· "Installing a new mechanism in the joint" Adopted a new mechanism for each part of the aircraft, which is subject to a heavy burden, such as the waist and legs. Due to the improved joint holding force, You can enjoy the unexpected posing.

● Included: Beam Shield, Beam Rifle × 2, Beam Sabel × 2, Kusufiasu 3 rail gun × 2, Super Dragoon × 8, dedicated base (pedestal)

※ Two LR41 batteries for LED are required separately.

Approx. Packaging Approx. Packaging Dimensionss (cm): 59 x 40 x 17
Weight (g): 3550

1/60 Pg Strike Freedom Gundam
1/60 Pg Strike Freedom Gundam
1/60 Pg Strike Freedom Gundam