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It is a set can "double track curve' with a large curved roads new parts, Tomica system until now could not be made.
Roads, signs part comes with seal much more. Tomica pretend play is even more fun.

It is also the set for beginners and double-sided print background Board of the "City" may set a 'mountain', ease of play and at the same time expanding the image.

The guestrooms make in onto the Tomica so you can lay out a curve of double-track, racing, roll play.

It is possible using the features of the double-track road while "chargetomica" (sold separately), automatic lap and in the outer double-track road play with hand rolled Tomica Tomica play ever more than a presence.
Can set the image Board sided mountain and city rich in popular flat type road layout is easier to combine traffic sign and road marking stickers are also included, ideal for the introduction of Tomica system for.
* Tomica cars each sold separately! Suitable for 3 years & above.

Approx. Packaging Dimensions (cm): 41 x 28 x 6
Weight (g): 1880