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When the battle heats up the Power Rangers call on the Turbo Falcon Megaspore to bring extra power to the battle against evil! Turbo Falcon morphs in two ways: as Robot Mode to battle evil villains on foot and then to Racer Mode for lightning fast speed and power! Insert the included Ranger Key to activate a special sound effect. The Turbo Falcon Megaspore also connects with other items in the Zord Builder collection to create unique combinations! The Zord Builder collection allows you to create multiple Megazords straight from the television show or take the excitement to the next level by creating your own unique Zord combinations! Collect and combine with any other item that is part of the Zord Builder collection (38070 38080 35090 38110 each sold separately). Utilize the included Legendary Ranger Key or any of the keys to unlock compartments in the Zord to combine them into even more unique combinations! The Ranger Key can also be inserted into other Power Ranger Battle Gear Items (38035 38045 38030 38050 38065) the Deluxe Legendary Morphed (38000) and other Power Rangers Super Mega force Zord Builder items (38070 38080 38090 38110)! Each sold separately. Suitable for 4 years and above.
Approx. Packaging Approx. Packaging Dimensionss (cm): 26 x 33 x 9.5
Weight (g): 795

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