Aug 2019 Product Review by SUTD Gunpla Club - SDCS Gundam Ground Type


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For this month, we will be looking at an SDCS kit, the Gundam Ground Type, which was released in May 2019. This kit is based on the RX- 79[G] Gundam Ground Type which first appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. This is my first time building an SDCS kit, so I am very excited to take a look at this kit.

What’s in the box


These are the five runners and two stickers/decals that come with in the kit. This kit comes with the SD frame which is runner A. (The CS frame needed to make its CS counterpart is sold separately.)


The Gundam Ground Type comes in greyish white, navy blue, dark grey, with red and yellow accents. These standard colours complement each other very well.

Overall, this kit looks amazing. For a SD kit, there are plenty of details to be found all over the kit. The body boasts great colour separation, with the yellow, red and white highlights standing out from the navy blue. Even the knee armour is colour separated by parts, which is impressive for a SD kit. Panel lines can be found around the kit as well, giving opportunity to add even more details with panel lining. This SD kit just looks great with plenty of details to appreciate.

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