BY: Eatsomechyefun - Figure-rise Standard 1/12 Ultraman [B-Type]

Friends of Toymana


Welcome to another installment of my Gunpla Photo Shoot, aka. GPS 

So let us see where my GPS brought me to this time around…

box art

Yes, let’s take another detour today to the Land of Light 


I wouldn’t say this is the most flexible or poseable kit I’ve made of this scale, but when you get the pose right, he sure looks damn cool from any angle.


This high kneel is already pushing the leg joints a little.

But to me, the greatest part about this kit is not about how many poses it can master, but the amazing details in the original design which is being replicated onto the model kit itself. And there are a lot of finer details in the design of this Ultraman armor suit which is to be applauded over.


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