By: Eatsomechyefun - HGBD Gundam 00 Sky (Higher Than Sky Phase)

HGBD Gundam 00 Sky (Higher Than Sky Phase)


Friends of Toymana

Welcome to another installment of my Gunpla Photo Shoot, aka. GPS ;)

So let us see where my GPS brought me to this time around…boxart.jpgIt’s been some time since my last entry; I still do the model kits on a regular basis, take nice photos of them when I have got the time to. I’ll try to get entries up more regularly…if I'm not constantly being distracted by building my model kits, but dropping by the Gunpla Expo 2019 recently definitely got my passion burning extra bright.

So here we have it, a kit I got shortly after its release…yes, it's really been for quite some time since I actually took these photos :b


Today I’ll like to showcase the straight build I made for my 00 Sky (Higher than Sky phase). I think this edition came out relatively close to its other trans-am infinity version, and most of my friends though the other was way way nicer than this...


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