BY: Eatsomechyefun - SD Sangoku Soketsuden

Friends of Toymana

Welcome to another installment of my Gunpla Photo Shoot, aka. GPS 

So let us see where my GPS brought me to this time around…


That’s right, the highly anticipated SD Sangoku Soketsuden latest reboot which was announced as part of the Gundam 40th Anniversary Project. Which was also shown at the Hong Kong C3AFA over the weekend.

Let us take a look at the animated designs of the 3 models which have been announced as their first wave of release and how they compare to their previous design.

To me, one of the features that I’m most excited over that is happening for this upcoming rendition of the Sangoku line, is their heavier emphasis on its design being even more centric around existing Gundam. The base model design is now better grounded and more obvious as to who they are.

Why am I so excited about this design direction? Because to me, the idea of this series has always been take what we already have and just letting them suit up. And after so many years, they finally made it happen.

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