Dec 2019 Product Review by SUTD Gunpla Club - A Christmas Special




SUTD Gunpla Club is proud to be sponsored by Toymana. For the past few years, SUTD Gunpla Club has been creating a diorama every Christmas to commemorate the holiday and usher in the new year. Having crossed 2 years of sponsorship and in the light of holiday spirit, the club members came together to create a Gunpla diorama for this year’s Christmas too.


Inspiration and Ideation

Throughout the year, we had many members building round and ball-shaped kits, such as the pod ball and Figure-rise Haro. We got inspired by these rounded kits and got the idea of combining more rounded kits together to build a Gunpla snowman. We decided to build 2 snowmen to commemorate the 2 years of partnership with Toymana.

We looked up what round kits were there and initially thought of using Haropla Haro, the MG RB-79 Ball and the Figure-rise Haro in the configurations below:


Ultimately, we ended up using the combination of the Petit’gguy and the Momokapool together with the Figure-rise Haro to create the Gunpla snowmen: