Dec 2020 Special - SUTD Gunpla Club - Gunpla Christmas Build



SUTD Gunpla Club is proud to be sponsored by Toymana. For the past few years, SUTD Gunpla Club has been creating a diorama every Christmas to commemorate the holiday and usher in the new year. Having crossed 3 years of sponsorship and in light of the holiday spirit, Gunpla Club is creating a new gunpla diorama to celebrate Christmas 2020 and commemorate more than 3 years of collaboration with Toymana.


With 30 Minute Mission going into its second year, they continue to bring many new and interesting side expansion kits along with their line of mechs. They are very eye catching and the possibilities of customization they bring is very captivating for us builders.

Taking advantage of this, we decided to custom build a mecha snow sleigh for Gunpla Santa. For this, we use the 30MM option kit 1/44 Extended Armament Vehicle. Riding it will then be a 1/144 HG Gundam as Gunpla Santa. They will then be accompanied by a four-legged plamo of some sort as the reindeer pulling the sleigh.

Our Gunpla Santa ended up as the RX-78-02, it is the grandaddy of gunpla after all.

We wanted to get a Lagowe/Bucue for our reindeer, but we were unable to get one. Thus we had to make do with whatever we found lying around. We ended up opting for a pre-painted Gaia gundam that one of our club members left lying around that we initially mistook for a Lagowe.

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