Jan 2020 Product Review by SUTD Gunpla Club - HGCE Destiny Gundam


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Destiny Gundam from Gundam Seed Destiny has always been one of the kit that Bandai never done its justice since its debut in 2004… Its original HG was bad, MG was meh and RG was quite a mess. But finally, Bandai has done it!! They makes a good Destiny Gundam kit!! This is McMegane and TTT. Today, we will be reviewing none other than HG Destiny Gundam 2019 ver.!!


There are total of 11 runners (counting in all effect parts and polycaps) in which all consisted of brand new runners for Destiny Gundam, polycap a runner and a relatively small sheet of stickers for color correction.



Definitely one of the strongest point of this kit. Destiny has always been a kit with a lot of presence and it shows. Especially after you add the effect parts on to the wing!! Make sure you have a stand o standby as this kit looks the best when it is on the air.

Speaking of stickers, the colour correcting stickers in this kit are almost non-existent but can be hard to apply for some people. As usual, make sure to get a cotton bud and a hobby knife, for making the job of applying these stickers much easier.


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