Mar 2019 Product Review by SUTD Gunpla Club - Diver Nami

Diver Nami Review

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For this months Gunpla revi… Hold up, that’s no Gundam.

Released in Sep 2018 under the new Figure-Rise Standard line, the Diver Nami is the continuation of Bandai’s female model kits, many of which are rather infamous. Will she rise above her brethren as a good kit? Or does she belong in the trash? Let’s find out.

What’s in the box

The box contains 8 runners, a sticker sheet, a wire and the manual.


It’s a Waifu. Enough said. Nami here stands at slightly over 16 cm, which makes her bigger than most 1/144 scale Gundam kits.  Dressed in largely yellow and brown, with some red highlights, she looks very much like she’s ready to perform some Gundam maintenance with her jumpsuit styled design.

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