May 2019 Product Review by SUTD Gunpla Club - Zeromaru Shinkikessho


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This month, we’re gonna be looking at this kit, the Zeromaru Shinkikessho. Released in January 2019, this represents the upgraded form of Ayame’s Zeromaru from the Gundam Build Divers series. Following in the spirit of the Star Winning Gundam from Build Fighters, this too is an SD Gundam capable of transforming from its super-deformed mode to a ‘real’ mode with more normal proportions.



There are a total of 6 runners and a sticker sheet in the box.


To start with, I have to mention that I really hate stickers, I never apply them unless I know they’re covered (Like the 00 series GN condensers) or if they’re hidden well (eye detail stickers), so right away, this kit triggers me immensely.


Look at this sticker sheet, god.


That means that the base kit’s colour separation is also bad. He’s mostly white, with two shades of green, a normal matte on the SDCS frame and metallic on the armor parts, with the icky fake gold used for some of the armor bits.



I will say that with the plain white, you can see that the moulded detail here is pretty good, I especially like the moulded webbing, meant to evoke the sort of fishnet armour ninjas wear.

So regretfully, I’m going to have to bite the bullet on this one.

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