Nov 2020 Product Review by SUTD Gunpla Club - HG Gran-Saurer



The Gran Saurer is slightly smaller than its two previous counterparts, but it makes up for it by letting all three kits combine into their largest form ever. The box for the Gran Saurer packs a lot, and there are a lot of large parts in this, the biggest of which is the blade for the amazing King Blade.

The kit comes with a total of 17 runners, but three of these runners are duplicates of runners from the previous kits and so most of the parts on them end up unused.

The Gran Saurer has three separate modes, the Gran Jet, the Gran Tops, and the Gran Saurer. On top of this, it can also combine with the Go Saurer and Magna Tyranno to form the huge King Go Saurer. For this review I will be looking at each form individually first and then have my thoughts on the overall experience at the very end.

Gran Jet

There isn’t much to say about the Gran Jet that can’t already be seen from the two pictures above. This form is a pretty faithful recreation of the anime design, but with added detail to make it look even cooler. The white stripes you see on the cockpit and the golden areas right above it are all stickers. Usually I do not like wrap around stickers since they rarely come out looking good, but they went on nicely here, owing largely to the fact that it’s all flat surfaces and not curves. One area that I was not as happy with the sticker usage is the yellow tips of the wings. Those were large and had to wrap around the whole perimeter of the part and were annoying to align properly, while at the same time tending to tear along the cuts if you try to take it off to adjust the positioning.

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