Oct 2019 Product Review by: SUTD Gunpla Club - HGBD Jegan Blast Master

Jegan Blast Master Review

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Where do I begin on the Jegan Blast Master? Bandai has somehow managed to take a beloved mobile suit and turn it into… something else, I guess.



Despite being based off of the Jegan, which is a fairly common-looking mobile suit, the Jegan Blast Master has been heavily modified from its original designs, now featuring two of the satellite microwave cannons from the Double X, cutting a distinctive visual unpainted as the white clashes spectacularly with the orange-red of the Jegan body. The choices of additions are also fairly interesting – the entire kit is basically “what if someone decided to stuff every possible weapon into each body slot”.

I’m personally not a big fan of the use of white on red and orange, but I must admit that there are worse pairings, and the double cannons are at least saved visually by the excellent textured receiver panels. The side skirt beam rifles, too, are rather nice, being molded in two pieces, but unfortunately are only filled on one side, leaving the underside entirely… hollowed. On the other hand, the other cannons that are embedded into the Blast Master are rather more… lackluster...


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