Sept 2019 Product Review by: SUTD Gunpla Club - Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Build

Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Build Review

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Today, we at SUTD Gunpla will be reviewing something a bit different today. Instead of the usual HG Gunpla kit, the review for today is on the Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Build. Like most other products in the Figure-rise Standard line, Kamen Rider Build has good articulation and has some very nice molded detail. However, it is severely lacking in colour accuracy, requiring the use of massive colour correction stickers, which is a very big no-no. Fortunately, with a bit of DIY, this problem is not difficult to rectify.


What’s in the box


A total of 5 runners, featuring one in clear plastic meant for the included base, and 2 sticker sheets.



It actually looks pretty good even simply snapped together. The glossy red and blue used on the plastic parts are vibrant and fit right in when contrasted with the flat black used for the main body. There is a nice mix of round and sharp edges and they are placed nicely to create a pleasing aesthetic...


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