Pokemon Hello Pikachu

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HelloPika: A Pikachu robot that answers when spoken to 

Now kids can take Pikachu with them everywhere they go!
HelloPika acts just like the real Pikachu, including cute motions and the
Thunderbolt attack when angry.

◆Turns toward speech and replies in an irresistibly cute voice! When spoken to, HelloPika turns toward the sound and replies with “Pika-pika” or “Pika-pi!” It responds to speech randomly from a range of actions including replying, singing, attacking (Thunderbolt), nodding,shaking its head or laughing. Its cheeks also light up, and it laughs when you tickle its tummy. Kids will feel like they are playing with a real Pikachu, and will want to talk to it again and again to see which
adorable reaction they will receive.

◆Easy for anyone to play with! Can be played with anywhere, at home or while out! HelloPika responds to sound, making it fun for kids and adults alike, no matter how old they are or what language they speak. At around 10cm tall, HelloPika fits in a pocket and is designed to stay in place with a clip-like mechanism. Users can simply clip it to a shirt pocket or the edge of a bag to take it out with them and enjoy playing wherever they go.

◆Speech-based fun – a whole new way to play!
Speech-based fun has become a new trend, with features such as AI speakers enabling audio-based operations and talking to items. TOMY has turned this era’s trend into a whole new way to play. TOMY has made Pokémon toys since 1996, which have been a hit with Pokémon fans. HelloPika’s
simple functions, compact size and easily accessible price range will appeal not only to Pokémon fans of all ages but to a wide range of other demographics across all generations.

Batteries Required: 2 x AAA alkaline (not included)  

Approx. Packaging Dimensions (cm): 10 x 13 x 7
Weight (g): 135

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